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Discover the Wonder of Giving

I believe there has been a tragic neglect of teaching the Law of Giving in our entire Western culture. This greatly concerns me. I think it has a great importance in your life and mine.

Someone has said that our life is God’s gift to us, what we do with it is our gift to Him—how we freely invest ourselves in creative living and giving. If we let our life creatively express like a flower creatively expresses its beauty and fragrance, then there is a fulfilling of the giving process.

There is a lot of interest in what is called, “personal development.” There are many books and courses outlining formulas and techniques, promising to help you to get more out of life, to help you to find satisfaction and fulfillment, to earn more money, to influence people, to achieve recognition, to get ahead, to “make it.” There is an interesting word that is involved in this. It is the word “develop.” Develop does not mean getting something. It is not putting on something. It is not adding something to your life. The word “develop” is closely related to the word “envelop” which means, “to enclose.” So “develop,” the opposite [of “envelop], means “to unfold.” The bulb develops as it unfolds into the flowering lily. As Robert Browning might say, to develop is to “open out a way whence the imprisoned splendor may escape.” So you see, there is no way that any course or technique or teaching or religion can make much difference in our life...until we learn to give. The religion or the course cannot put something in us; it can only help to draw it out. This relates to “education,” which actually means, “to draw forth from within.” This is why a failure to teach the Law of Giving is a tragic neglect. We have been conditioned to believe that life is to be found and experienced and acquired and amassed from somewhere “out there.” The whole focus in life has been on getting, rather than on giving.

Recently, as I was walking down the street, I overheard two men talking. One statement stood out: “Just tell me one thing. What’s in it for me?” I don’t know what they were talking about (they could have been talking about anything), but the man’s attitude was clear. We, sadly, have to admit that this is a common attitude: “What’s in it for me?”

In John 3:16, we read: “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth on him shall not die but shall have everlasting life.” Now, we have been told that this referred to Jesus. But the New Insight in Truth, which I espouse, tells us that it refers, not to Jesus, but to you! You are that son. There is that of you, the Whole Person of you, that is begotten only of God. If you believe in this Christ of you, you begin to live on an Eternal Vibration. Eternal Life is abundant life, full and complete and prosperous life. But the important key of this fundamental statement is, “God so loved the world that He gave….” You are created in the Image-Likeness of this Divine Givingness. If you are to make any sense out of life at all, or to realize the Free Flow of Life, you must get into a giving consciousness. You must give! Giving must become the main thrust of your whole experience of life. Think give! Become a giver! When giving becomes the most important thing in your life, when you Discover the Wonder of Giving then, truly, you will know what life is all about, and your life experience will be joyous and full and affluent.

Life, to the Whole Person, is a giving process. I am not just talking about monetary giving, church giving, tithing, and so forth. All this is very important. I am talking about a basic attitude or approach to life that may be out-formed in many different ways. It is the basic awareness that life is a matter of developing or unfolding from within—the realization that life is not something to get, but, rather, something to express. It is knowing that your business is always “the express business,” no matter what your vocation may be.

I have a picture in my office entitled, “The Blessing of Work,” by a German artist, Rosenthal. It is a picture that I have had in my possession for a long time. It was given to me by a beloved person, many years ago. I treasure it, because it has a tremendous message that projects itself to me. I look at this every day of my life. The picture depicts a young boy, carving a life-sized figure of the Virgin Mary. His whole manner suggests the giving of himself to his task, in commitment and love. While he works intently on the feet of the figure that towers over him, the Virgin Mary looks down, in compassion, with outstretched arms, blessing him. Everything else in the room—a picture of his mother, whom he is using as a model, is looking, with outstretched arms, blessing him, the light that is streaming in the window—is pointing toward him, blessing him, right now. Yet, he is busily engaged in doing his work, unconscious of what is going on. Now, you might ask, “What’s in it for the boy?” Well, this carved figure may bring him fame and fortune someday, or it may end up in a warehouse somewhere, it may even be put in a fireplace and consumed by flames. But nothing can ever exceed or detract from the compensation that he is receiving in that instant, while he is working. This is the Wonder of Giving. You give as you receive. Also…that sculptured piece could never be duplicated by one who lacked the giving attitude of this young boy.

As you Discover the Wonder of Giving, you will find a great blessing of inner fulfillment in your work, which will lead to better work and, by the Law of Causation, to greater affluence. If you still ask that question, “What’s in it for me?” then, I say, you are grossly underpaid, even if your income runs into six figures. If all you get out of your work is a paycheck, then, truly, my friend, you are short-changing yourself.

I often hear it said, “My life has no meaning.” This sense of meaninglessness leads to boredom, to depression, to addiction to alcohol and drugs and over eating, etc. I say that it makes about as much sense to claim, “My life has no meaning,” as it does to stand in a dark cave with an unlit flashlight in your hand, saying, “This place has no light.” Jesus would say, “Let your light shine.” [Matt. 5:14-16] The meaning of life is not to be found “out there,” it is something you release from within. You don’t find meaning in things, you put meaning into them. You put meaning into your work, into your experiences, into your relationships, by the giving attitude in which you meet them. Many persons find great meaning in life through a kind of work that may be “a drag” to someone else—it is not the work, it is the sense of giving, in which it is done.

When we understand the Law of Causation, we know that work is important in our lives not primarily as a means of getting a paycheck, but as a place in which to fulfill the need to keep open to the Creative Flow. Of course, you will, and you should, receive a salary in your work. But, it is the consciousness of giving that will always tend to determine the amount of the paycheck.

Remember, Jesus said, “Give, and it shall be given unto you.” [Luke 6:38] The Divine Flow requires but one thing of you: your consent to be a receiving channel. It is like a water faucet that must be open to the flow in order that the water may pour forth freely. Jesus is stressing the need to get into a giving consciousness in order to sustain the flow of good into your life. Now, he is not just referring to the giving of monetary gifts. First and foremost, he is emphasizing the state of mind. Think give, and you will receive. Think give in your work! Think give in your relationships! Such thinking will lead to a giving vibration, which is a key to harmony, a key to healing…and, certainly, a key to prosperity and success.

The committed giver is always the happy person, is always the secure person, the satisfied person, and the successful person…and ever experiences the Free Flow of Affluence. Invariably, those who always seem to make a better life for themselves, even from the same income as others on the same job, are the ones who have learned to give. As the television ad says, they have “found the better way.”

There is a wellspring of Infinite Life, Substance, and Intelligence within you, and yours is the privilege, at any time, of giving way to Its Flow. If there is lack of any kind, something is blocking the Flow, and the most effective remedy is to start the giving process. If you need healing, harmony in relationships, right adjustment in a business deal, don’t delude yourself that the problem is “out there.” The solution begins with youyour consciousness, your willingness to give way, your will to stretch forth your hand.

Discover the Wonder of Giving! There is a new world awaiting you, a new level of life that can open to you a new experience of the dynamism of Truth that you have been studying. Discover the Wonder of Giving! Give way, today! Get started in a giving process! Truly, it is “the better way.” And the day will come, when you will know that it is, truly, the only way.

© Eric Butterworth