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The Law of Acceptance

We all have those times when, after some unfortunate experience, weíve cried out, "How could I have attracted that to me? What on earth have I done to bring this kind of a situation into my life? There ought to be a law!" Well, in the oversimplified approach to what we call "consciousness" it is often said that we attract to ourselves everything that comes. This is basically true, but not in the sense that we have consciously done or thought something that was directly responsible. The experience has come because we have, in some way, accepted the possibility in consciousness, maybe only through fear and worry. We have accepted limited suggestions, thus we have made for ourselves, or have accepted from others, certain limiting laws that hold us in bondage to limitation. So, when we say, "There out to be a law," there is a Law. We are not always aware of what that Law is, but itís a Law of Fundamental Life, Fundamental Mind Action that is always at work.

No matter what the experience, it could be said that there is always one moment, leading up to the crisis, in which the suggestion of fear or the imminence of danger comes to mindóa time when we give consent, but when we could reject the negative, when we say, "No! No! I will not have this! No!" And, hereís a very fundamental Principle: You will never experience anything in the world of your body or affairs that you have not previously accepted, in one form or another, into your mind and heart. Remember, thereís always a time, whether itís catching a cold or having an accident, thereís always a time prior to that, when something of the moment and the imminence of the experience comes to you and you could say "No! No!"

This is closely related to Jesusí statement, "Agree with thine adversary quickly." [Matt. 5:25] Whenever you face any kind of obstacle, agree quickly. Now, this "agree" doesnít mean to acknowledge or to admit it or to allow it to happen. It means to settle with itósettle with it, immediately. One woman has a pet statement, "I agree with God, only!" So, the "agreement" is the quick settling of the situation by remembering the Truthóturning from fear to faith, from worry to remembering Divine Law. If you are criticized, agree quickly. In other words, settle with it. Turn your thoughts one-to-one, God in you to God in the other person. Turn away from the thought of hostility and bitterness and self-pity, to "The Divine in me salutes the Divine in you."

If you have a sudden thought of fear of illness or job insecurity or lack of money, dispose of the thought quickly. Donít procrastinate. Donít give in easily. Such acceptance will build for later problems. Just say "No!" to it. Then, you may want to think or feel or say, "I agree with God, only!" Say "No!" to the difficult situation and to all the negative thoughts about it.

Every day of your life, youíre confronted by one thing or another of a negative nature seeking entrance into your mind. It may be news of war, economic predictions, personal feelings of inadequacy over some project youíre facing, crime in the streets, and so forth. There are many, many, many possible negative things that, you might say, are events that are waiting to happen. But, these things cannot hurt you as long as you say "No!" to them. Reject them! Agree with the adversary quickly. Get your thought into a consciousness of the Positive Flow of Truth.

You may recall the Gospel account of Jesus stilling the storm. Itís found in the 4th Chapter of Mark. Jesus was with his disciples out on the sea. He was asleep in the bough of the boat. A great storm arose, and the waves were beating on the boat. And the disciples were very fearful. Now, remember, these were hearty seamen, so it must have been a pretty bad storm, because they called out to Jesus, "Master, master, we perish." Jesus awakened, "And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm." Then, he turned to the disciples, and he said, "Why are ye fearful? have ye not yet faith?" Well, the important thing is he spoke the Word of Peace to the storms of inner turbulence.

Letís not try to resolve this in the thought that it was a great miracle. It deals with the Power of Spirit within man to still the unruly waves and winds of emotions and of thoughts. Basically, the problem was that the disciples had accepted the storm as having the power to destroy them, and this acceptance was the reason for their fears. So, if youíre fearful in a storm, or any crisis, the fear is caused not by the condition, but by your acceptance of the possibility that the condition can do harm to you.

Webster defines "accept" as, "to receive with a consenting mind." The key to Jesusí poise and quiet power was a consciousness that had been disciplined to accept only the good and the true. His appraisal recognized a crisis, but not the limitation of it. The danger in the crisis gave an opportunity to deal with the situation with Transcendent Power, and Jesus was poised in the awareness of that Power and Potential within him. He was not passive about the thing. Note, he didnít merely say to the disciples, "Well now boys, letís not get excited. Things are not as bad as they seem. Weíll pull through this somehow." He didnít do that at all. He did not consent to let the storm a have place in his mind as something to be fearful over. He simply spoke his strong word of Power, and the storm subsided.

The study of the New Insight In Truth, involves the realization of a Whole Universe. A Universe that is totally supportive of you. It involves the training of the eyes to see good everywhere, and the training of the mind to refuse the suggestions of lack and limitation that, invariably, arise around us. If we accept ourselves as limited, then we accept a limited perspective of the Universe in which many limitations exist.

Can you ever recall announcing in the face of some situation in your work or your home, "Oh, this is really gonna be tough! Oh, this is a doozy!"? At that moment, even though the past experience or your hearsay information will tend to justify it, you are accepting a strong limitationóand usually, it will make a prophet of you. Sure enough, it will be a terrible situation, so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. But, itís simply because you have accepted it as being that way to you. Thatís the way youíre going to deal with it. Thatís where your attitude is.

Now you can see why Jesus says, "Agree with thine adversary quickly." Donít procrastinate over or laugh about or acquiesce in the limitations of any kind. Settle with them, immediately. Say "No!" And say "Yes!" to the things that you desire to have expressed in your life in a good and perfect way. You can say to others, "If you want to believe in that negative inevitability, thatís your privilege. But for me, I choose to believe that there will be a harmonious outworking. I say ĎNo!í to the difficulty. I say ĎYes!í to that which is good." "Choose you this day whom ye will serve." [Joshua 24:15] Agree with God, only. Agree that there is but One Presence and One Power, God the Good Omnipotent in all things, at all times.

This is a very important "slide rule" in prayer. We need to check up on our attitudes. Whether weíre praying in the face of the storm, praying in tension and fear and excitement, whatever it may be, such prayer reveals that we have accepted the possibility of danger. Donít pray that the storm wonít hurt you, but work out, in the Prayer Process, your fear of being harmed by the storm, and know that, regardless of conditions, you are in the Center of your own Oneness with God, and, therefore, you are at peace, and you are protected. Get that inner sense of Oneness, and you can stand tranquil in the storm of all circumstances. And, you will be an influence to still the stormÖand you will be unharmed by it.

Prayer, you see, is acceptance. Remember, Jesus said to pray, believing that you have received, and you shall receive. [Mark 11:24] In other words, realize that it is already done, that you are now Whole. Accept yourself and your total experience on a higher level. Accept yourself as a winner, as an overcomer, as a master of fate and circumstance. Whatever happens "out there" in your life, "out there" in the world, whatever people say about it, or statistics prove about it, you will decide what you accept for yourself. And, what you accept in consciousness is that which is going to unfold in your life, relentlessly and inexorably.

© Eric Butterworth