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The Healing Power of Love
Excerpted from Eric Butterworth’s book, Life is for Loving

In our study of Love, we have hardly been able to come up with a precise definition. And perhaps, in a way, this is good, because to define a thing is the simplest way to dispose of it, and we do not want to dispose of Love, we want to experience lovingness. The poet tells us that we may not see the wind, but we can see the rustle of the leaves. We cannot really see Love, the activity of Transcendence, but we can see what Love does, how it expresses in man: the gentle smile on the face of a mother nursing her infant at her breast, or the confident and courageous air of a person going off to work feeling the supporting influence of a loving wife. These are simply two of many evidences of the presence and the activity of Love. Love is life expressing in fullness, the wholeness of a person in fruition. Under the sustaining influence of Love, the physical body is always at its best. And it is probably true that more people are sick from lack of Love in their lives, than from all other causes put together…and that is something to think about.

When Jesus repeatedly emphasized such things as, “Love one another” [John 13:34], “Love thy neighbor as thyself” [Matt. 19:19, Matt.  22:39, & Mark 12:31],  “Love your enemies” [Matt. 5:44], he was dealing with the Healing Power of Love. He was not saying that you should be loving and forgiving simply because other people deserve it. Certainly he knew the malicious intent with which others can treat you. He was saying that you can’t afford to dwell on what others do; you must guard well how you react to what they do. He knew that you can never afford not to dwell on the fullness of Love, which is the key to health and Wholeness.

Every person is so created that he cannot survive in health and wellness without the flow, the consciousness, the experience, the expression of Love. We are created in and of Love—it is our very milieu, it is our life. To deny the Flow of Love in us is to deny the Reality of our being. To live with anything less than Love contaminates the Wholeness that we are, frustrating our potential for the creative experience of life in its fullness.

On the other hand, anything less than Love in the mind and heart of a person causes tension and stress. Hatred, bitterness, even unfriendliness, frustrate the Healing Process, interfering with the normal renewal of cells and the flow of vital healing fluids. More than this, consciousness and moods that are unloving actually create harmful fluids and even toxic poisons in the system.

Consider, for instance, the person who receives a telegram telling him that a close relative is dead. Suddenly, the person mysteriously manufactures and releases something that was not present before, a quantity of saline liquid, which we call tears. The tears were not there in the system before the bad news came, except in potential. Crying, you see, is not like turning on a tap and running off a liquid that is stored in some reservoir behind the eyes. It was not there. And yet in a few moments there is brought into existence enough liquid to soak a small handkerchief. This same process is involved in the creation of fluids that eat at the lining of the stomach and poison various parts of the system. A young mother is often advised to encourage happy and contented and loving thoughts while she is nursing her baby, because her feelings can actually change the chemical constitution of her breast milk.

There is an interesting concept of psychosomatic medicine involved here. Conditions of disease hitherto regarded as physiogenic can be set up, not by infective sources outside the body, but through the action of the emotions, which release or create toxins within the body, actually altering the chemical contents of some of the body’s important fluids. The body contains bacteria, which are healthy and friendly to the system, so called “saprophytes.” But a change in the chemical composition of the fluid in which these benign bacteria live may possibly convert friendly bacteria into hostile ones—saprophytes suddenly become parasites. It is conjectured by some researchers that all pathogenic microbes at some period may have originated from the microbes that were saprophytic upon the body surfaces, which were converted into disease organisms, simply and purely by negative emotions. This would seem to parallel the ideas of Luther Burbank, who believed that the most foul smelling weed was simply a degenerate plant that could be reclaimed with proper cultivation. This is a whole area of research available to us in understanding what causes illness and how to maintain wellness.

Many persons have puzzled over the idea of God as the origin of all life, because of the inescapable conclusion that He must also have caused or created disease germs and illness. But there is another much more likely conclusion: that God, the Creative Process, makes all bacteria good and that it is the negative emotions of anger or worry or fear or hatred that have poisoned the system and brought hostile organisms into being in a kind of reversed application of the Apostle Paul’s statement, “…be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” [Romans 12:2] How insightful was that writer of the Bible, who said, “God made man upright, but they have sought out many inventions.” [Ecclesiastes 7:29]

This is not to say that Love is physical or chemical, but that this mysterious force has immeasurable influence upon the balance of the physical system, and that without the harmonizing Power of Love, the basic forces of the system run rampant and actually become self-destructive. But Love is not simply a force acting within and upon the body. Certainly, it does act on the physical form—the very skin tissues are alive and vibrant in the person who is sincerely loving and well beloved—but there is a radiance of this Love that is a very real harmonizing factor in the atmosphere.

Extensive experiments have proved that plants grow faster and better in a home where there is a loving atmosphere, and under loving words and thoughts, a plant will actually bloom before your eyes. And the lack of Love or the actual emanation of hatred and its related negative emotions can have as much influence on man and on nature as polluted air. It is likely that the means will eventually be devised by which we could check the vibrations of a room or office or a plant—as with a Geiger counter—to determine if living or working conditions are healthful, or if there is a pollution that is caused by an absence of the purifying force of Love. Again…something to think about, something to give research to.

The wise student of life will realize that any evidence of anger, hatred, bitterness, envy, criticism within his own nature are danger signals that should never long be ignored. We need to start loving quickly, just as we would hurry to put an antidote in our stomach if we had inadvertently taken a poison. This is why Jesus says, “Agree with thine adversary quickly.” [Matt. 5:25, KJV] He was not telling you to lie down and let people walk all over you or to be passive and meek, letting anyone trample upon you and your rights. The “adversaries,” the only things that could hurt or harm you are always the adverse thoughts of your own mind. We have caused them, and only we can change them. We must start loving and blessing the persons—and start immediately, quickly—even those whom we feel may have “despitefully used” us, so that we can get back into the stream of positive Love Energy, without which our body temple cannot long survive.

There is a strong [human] race belief that one of the symptoms of growing old is the weakening of the heart, the hardening of the arteries, the deterioration of the body’s vital centers. This is an error! It must be unlearned! Life does not and cannot grow old! God is Life in us, through us, expressing as us. The need is to let God be God in us, to let Life be Life in us, to let Love be Love in us, because Love is the energizer and the harmonizer of life.

So then, what is called “old age” has not come about through any toxicity of age itself. Age is not a disease, but it is an experience in consciousness. The poisons that may deteriorate the cells of the body in the aging process come not from Life, even from a supposed waning of Life through the accumulation of birthdays. These poisons are created by the negativity of thought and emotion, the belief in aging, and the frustration of Love, through a sense of loneliness and a sense of separation.

Treat your body temple to Life. Give yourself a daily youthfulness and beauty treatment. Say to, and for, yourself: “I am in Love with Life! Life is in Love with me! In Love there is beauty and Wholeness and the full, free expression of Abundant Life. This day is my birthday, because I am reborn in the awareness of the Love that is me. I celebrate myself in the Transcendent Experience of Love!” Let me say that again: “I am in Love with Life. Life is in Love with me. In Love there is beauty and Wholeness and the full, free expression of abundant life. This day is my birthday, because I am reborn in the awareness of the Love that is me. I celebrate myself in the Transcendent Experience of Love.

You see, Love is the foundation of the whole and complete life. Affirm for yourself, often: “I am in Love with Life! Life is in Love with me!” Bless your body, and since, for so many of us, it has become the symbolic center of both Life and Love, bless your heart. Sometimes, we say to a person: “Bless your heart.” It’s an excellent salutation and greeting for others, and a marvelous treatment for yourself. “Bless your heart!” It is like saying, “God Love in me salutes the Center of God Love in you.” This is the Namaskar Blessing. In blessing the heart of another, you are relating on the Love level of Transcendental Love, which means you are engaged in the wellness-sustaining activity of Love within yourself.

Here is an excellent treatment for your heart—through the radiant action of your heart and the full expression of Love for every part of your body, mind, and affairs:

“Blessed is your heart!

The pure Love and Life of God pulsate through it in perfect rhythm and order.

It is cleansed of all misunderstanding, inharmony, impurity, and disease.

In the beginning…Love!

It is this Cosmic Energy of Love that circulates your blood.

It is the harmonizing action of the Creative Power of Love that gives perfect respiration, perfect digestion, perfect elimination.

In the beginning…Love!

Your heart responds to the activity of Divine Law by acting in perfect unison with even, regular, firm, powerful action of Life.

In the beginning…Love!

Your heart is not the source of Love, but Love is the energizer of your heart, and of the life of your whole body.

You are in tune with the One Great Heart that beats for all, and with the Infinite Flow of Divine Love that sustains all.

You are filled and thrilled with Love!

Your heart is aglow with vitalizing Life!

Your Whole being is established in the Wholeness of Love.

You are, a wonderful, peaceful, and Lovefull Child of God.”

© Eric Butterworth