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Blessing: The Cutting Edge of Truth

I am going to deal today with some thoughts that we dealt with on a Sunday, some time ago, as a result of someone who suggested that I address the question, the meaning and power of blessing. It was rather interesting that when I received this letter, I thought, “Oh, not again!” because after giving lectures twice a week and eight radio talks a week, week after week, month after month, year after year, there is bound to be a lot of repetition. Anyway, I thought I would check back and see when and how often I talked about “blessing.” And I made a rather interesting discovery. In all the years I have never directly addressed the subject once. This is kind of strange, because I am convinced that the practice of Blessing is the Cutting Edge of practical metaphysics—it is the simplest of techniques for applying the Truth.

Blessing is an ancient practice used by the Hebrew patriarchs, who voiced blessings to people and experiences, and who predicted good to come to those whom they blessed. In its earliest use, the power of “blessing” was thought to be a priceless gift of man, with a tremendous power to accomplish good. With the specialization of religious practice in the hands of the Levites, the priestly tribe, and the tendency to kind of “let George do it,” the power of blessing has atrophied for lack of use. But it is a simple, powerful, and effective tool that is available to every person today, something that you might seriously consider using yourself.

What is meant by the word, “bless”? For instance, when I say, “Bless you,” what do I mean? The word, “bless,” literally means “to consecrate,” “to make happy,” “to confer prosperity or happiness upon,” or “to pronounce holy”—to acknowledge something in terms of Wholeness. In Truth, we use affirmations and prayer treatments, which are carefully worded phrases. So the word “bless” often refers to a verbalism. Some people have “blessing boxes” filled with statements to be used in situations, which is a good thing; it may not reflect the root meaning of the word, “bless,” however.

You are a Spiritual Being with the power and potential to project positive power at all times, in all situations, into all persons, and at the same time, to draw to you, and to respond to, only positive vibrations from the world. This is what is called, “Cosmic Consciousness;” an innate level of potential within you. But in practice we tend to permit people and situations to determine how we are going to think and feel and act. And so often, we react with a projection of negative thoughts and actions.

The Book of Deuteronomy says, “…I have set before you…blessing and cursing:…choose you this day whom you will serve.” [Deuteronomy 30:19] Jesus deals with this same problem, when he says, “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you….That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven.” [Matt. 5:44-45, KJV] Bless them, not really that they deserve such treatment; bless them because you want to keep yourself in the Positive Flow. The blessing has to do with the synchronization of your consciousness. Again, he says, “Agree with thine adversary quickly…” [Matt. 5:25], otherwise you get caught up in a long cycle of “tit-for-tat” exchanges, which will exact an exorbitant toll upon you. The adversary, you see, is not a person. Essentially, to agree with your adversary means to get yourself in tune with your adverse reaction to him, get your own thoughts on a higher level. To “agree” is to bless him, to settle with your negative thoughts about him, getting into a Positive Flow, which keeps you above the hostility and sends forth a disarming radiation of love.

To “bless” is not doing something to a person or situation, it is not trying to set someone right, but, rather, to see him or her rightly. We often say, “Seeing is believing,” but actually, believing is seeing, according to your faith. If you believe in the Omnipresence of God, you will tend to see it; you will see from it; and you will see creatively and see possibilities. Seeing is a projection of a powerful, creative Energy. One of the medieval mystics [Brother Angelus] says, “That thou seest, man, become too thou must; God, if thou seest God, dust, if thou seest dust.” So to bless is to see rightly, to look beyond appearances, to salute the Divinity within someone, to relate to “The All Things Work Together for Good Force” that is ever present.

To bless is the conscious choice to lift up your eyes and judge not according to appearances, to see the good, to see it both in responding to the inherent good out there, also in projecting a flow of positive energy from within. Remember, “…blessing and cursing…choose ye this day whom you will serve.” But remember, blessing is not essentially expressed to change the person or condition, but, rather, to change your thought about him or her. The blessing is to lift you into the Cosmic Flow, and in this Flow you become a channel for Transcendent Power.

So I say, form the habit of blessing things, blessing people, blessing experiences. When you start your day in the morning…bless it. Bless the subways and the buses—not only for safety and for seats, but also that you will have one at the right time for you. Put yourself in tune with the Universe. If you have a difficult employer or an employee…bless him or her. If you have a physical problem…bless it. If you car is not functioning properly…bless it. You may find that it will increase your gas mileage. Bless you home with protection. Put a cake in the oven, and instead of worrying about whether everybody is going to bang doors and the cake will fall…bless it. Bless the plants. Bless your garden. If you encounter two people having an argument, nearly coming to blows, how can you help? Bless them. In other words, see them surrounded by a unifying aura of Love. If you find yourself dealing with the tired shop girl, the testy butcher, the rude bus driver; don’t react in anger…bless them—not just verbally, but, in consciousness, project a thought of Love. Surround them and enfold them in a unifying consciousness of Divine Order. If there is someone in your life, who, as we so often say, is a “pain in the neck,” remove the pain by blessing him. You will eliminate your irritation instantly, and you will bathe him in a Love Light, which cannot help but have a positive effect on him—even if only in his behavior toward you. Things will change. They always do. Bless your business and your contacts with the public. Put your business in the center of a circle, your employees and customers, and see them all moving in a positive stream of Love, and see the endless stream of good things coming into your shop, and people buying your wares…bless them.

Sometimes a situation may seem so very bad that you just want to run. You want to quit your job, move to another place, get a divorce, etc. Remember Jacob, “I will not let thee go, except thou bless me.” [Genesis 32:26] The great need is to stand still, learn the lesson of growth in the experience. Note the message of Moses to the Israelites: “Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of Jehovah, which he will work for you to-day.” [Exodus 14:13, ASV] Bless the situation. Bless the people in it. In the attitude of blessing, you rise to a higher level of consciousness, and you get yourself in the flow of positive energy.

There may be times when you are hurt, when you are filled with self-pity, and you just do not feel like blessing anyone, let alone the person who has disturbed you. But it is precisely when you feel least like doing so that you need to quickly get into the “Blessing Consciousness.” It is the high road to freedom from hurt feelings and resentment and bitterness—the only way to peace of mind in dealing with human relations problems that face us from time to time.

To bless someone or something is not necessarily affirming words of Truth. To say, “Bless it,” or “Bless you,” is actually more of a “code word”—the act of seeing beyond appearances. It is a beautiful realization of Truth, holding the person or situation in the thought of Love, surrounding him in a consciousness of Supportive Love, Divine Order, and harmony.

A simple technique that I have used is to employ the Unity Logo in a practical way. You may recall that the Unity Logo shows the image of a person in the center of a circle with large arrows pointing to him from all side. Visualize the person or the thing that you want to bless in this Circle of Power. If you have a business, start every day blessing your business and all the contacts before the public.

Myrtle Fillmore, who experienced a seemingly miraculous healing, helped herself to sustain a Flow of Life for more than forty years after she had been given a short six months to live. She would spend time blessing her body and all the organs and functions of the body, and you can do this for yourself. If you have a heart problem…bless your heart. See your heart at the center of a tremendous Power Circle. In other words, this can be a “spiritual pacemaker,” constantly experiencing a positive recharging of Healing Life. In the same way, bless your eyes, bless your ears, bless your lungs, bless your nerves and your muscles. Bless your money, as it comes and as it goes. Bless your bills. Bless your debtors. The power of blessing is endless. It is a tremendous realization, which will keep you in the Positive Flow of Creative Life.

A few years ago, The New York Times thought enough of this blessing practice to print the following letter on the editorial page. It goes like this: “A few months ago, a friend asked me to wish her luck in a business transaction that she had undertaken. I agreed to spend fifteen minutes blessing her between 12:00 and 12:15 pm, until the deal was put over. I kept my promise. While I was doing this, I thought I might just as well wish a few more friends good luck. So eventually, I regularly spent fifteen minutes at noon blessing friends, associates, blessing travelers on buses and trains and airlines, blessing people everywhere, and world leaders and all their efforts toward people.” And, I say, this is a mighty good habit and kudos to The New York Times for expressing such a thought in their editorial columns.

As I have said, blessing is “The Cutting Edge of Truth.” So stir up this practice, this priceless gift, and make your life full and free by using YOUR POWER TO BLESS.

© Eric Butterworth