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Working With Workable Law

Among the great fundamentals of Jesus’ teaching is one idea that is so dynamic in its implications that it should be shouted from the housetops. When this message gets into the consciousness of man, he is done, forever, with fear and worry, because he has the key to faith. And when he knows this message—really knows it—he will never again accept anything as impossible or incurable. He will never lose hope. He will work by all the means at his command to achieve health and wellbeing that he desires. And even more, he will command the means, because he will realize that he has resources within him that are limitless.

And what is this message? “The Kingdom of God is within you.” [Luke 17:21] The right understanding of this message will change many traditional concepts about afterlife. But most important, it will reveal to you that within you is the unborn possibility of limitless experience, and yours is the privilege of giving birth to it. Each and every one of us contains within himself an individual portion of the original Creative Force of the Universe, and by conscious direction of the will, we can open ourselves to, and receive, Its power.

It is unfortunate that, through the ages, theologians have devoted so much time in trying to find and analyze the Body of God that they lost the Consciousness of God, the Imminence, the Dynamic Power of God. For instance, in Christianity, because they place the emphasis on the miracles wrought by Jesus and the worship of his personality, they lost sight of the fact that he was simply demonstrating the Potentiality of Universal Principle and the Power of the Christ that indwells every person. We live in a Universe of Law. And so the purpose of these ideas that we share with you is to stress, and to demonstrate and explore the possibilities of Spiritual Law—the same Spiritual Law that enabled Jesus to do the works attributed to him. I think we misunderstand the life and teaching of Jesus when we think of his work as an abrogation of Divine Law. Jesus simply revealed a higher Potential of Divine Law than, as yet, man had been aware of. There is no special Law for anyone, not even for Jesus. But, anyone can specialize the Law by using it with a fuller understanding.

We can never really understand the Truth or the fundamental, practical insight into the teachings of Jesus until we give up, once and for all, the idea of caprice or favoritism in the Universe, and until we stop praying to receive without giving, or to be forgiven when we have not changed our attitudes. As long as we believe in a God who interferes with nature to please someone who has asked a favor, we will never have the strength of faith, upon which to really build our lives. So, this New Insight in Truth, which we share, deals with the study of Spiritual Law and Its influence in our lives and affairs. I believe that when Jesus said, “I am come that they [ye] may have life, and that they [ye] may have it more abundantly,” [John 10:10 KJV] that he meant what he said. It is not only possible to demonstrate health and prosperity in our lives today, but it is our duty to continually press on to a greater awareness of God and a greater demonstration of His Good in mind, body, and affairs.

There is an increasingly widespread interest, today, in Spiritual Healing. Quite often, it is a tendency to look for the magical, the mystical, and the miraculous. I’m convinced of the relevance in the power of Spiritual Healing, without question. However, let me say this: Spiritual Healing, I don’t believe, is feasible simply because of intercession with God or through some special dispensation of Divine Law. Spiritual Healing is possible because man is a Spiritual Being, because “the Kingdom of God is within you.” Read these words from Ezekiel: “Cast away from you all your transgressions, wherein ye have transgressed; and make you a new heart and a new spirit: for why will ye die,…For I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord Jehovah: wherefore turn yourselves, and live.” [Ezekiel 18:31-32] And today, I am dedicated to this message, “turn yourselves, and live.”

Jesus did not originate Spiritual Healing. He did not create the Healing Law. He simply discovered, and brought to full flower, the great Truth of the Healing Principle, by which anyone may rise above sickness or weakness into Perfect Life and Wholeness. The Healing Principle is nothing more or less than God in action. It is not something extraneous to man that acts upon him when properly contacted. In the largest sense, the Healing Principle is our very life itself. Healing is normal, natural. It is God’s Will. Working for health does not mean fighting a force of sickness. There is only one Force…that is God! You are an expression of God, containing the Potential of Perfect Life. There is nothing in God that could, or would, limit your life. There is no “law of sickness.” You experience sickness because, in your consciousness, you have frustrated or limited the expression of that Perfect Life.

The insight regarding Spiritual Healing is a doctrine that the student [of Spiritual Truths] must work with and come to understand, but it is not something that he or she must accept. No one is going to be condemned or ridiculed for turning to medical or surgical help in his or her health problem. We have no resistance to doctors or the field of medicine. As a matter of fact, we recognize the invaluable service to humanity that the science of medicine has rendered in alleviating suffering and prolonging life. I don’t consider the effort of what we are doing as being opposed to that of medical practice. More and more doctors are recognizing that the Inner Healing Power of the body is not strictly a material thing—a power that can be expressed in terms of hemoglobin and white corpuscles—but a Spiritual Power, of which the action of these are but symptoms. Sometimes it would seem that medical men have a greater faith in the Healing Principle within than ministers do. Now, too much faith in the doctor is wrong, simply because we allow him to become a crutch. But then, too much faith in a “spiritual healer” is wrong for the same reason. The problem is not in any inherent evil in drugs and medicine and medical techniques. It is in letting these things become the object of our faith, which should be placed in the depth of ourselves, in our relationship with the Infinite. Now, we do not insist that you go all the way in Spiritual Healing; we simply urge you to go as far as you can go on faith. And I believe you will be amazed at how far you can go.

Just a word here in answer to the critics of what is often called “Practical Christianity,” which is a name that is related to what we do. It is strange, but true, that “long-faced” religionists, or Christians, have always resisted the concept of using Christianity for anything other than the resigned acceptance of life’s experiences as “God’s Will.” One critic, in a national magazine, recently derided what he called, “the concept of God for hire.” He made a statement that we often hear in fundamental Christianity, but which never ceases to amaze me: “Faith in God and optimism may help us withstand our problems, but they can’t solve them.” I believe that is a strange philosophy passing for Christianity. It certainly does not originate with Jesus. This person says, “Let’s stop misusing God.” But he implies that to use God at all, is to misuse him. Now, what of the tree in your yard? Does it not use the force of nature? Is it wrong for the tree to draw upon the abundance of nature in order to flourish with green leaves and fragrant blossoms and fruitage? And didn’t Jesus say, “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow;…yet…Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these”? [Matthew 6:28-29] As an expression of God, man is using God every moment. When we cast about for an idea, then we say, “I have it!” Where did the idea come from?” Is there not but one Mind? The Thoughts of our mind, the Love of our heart, the Life of our bodies, and the Substance of our affairs all are the Essence of a Divine Flow—the Essence of God that we are using as we live.

The old idea that prevails with “traditionalists” is a God who sits “up there in the skies,” and who grants favor, and who metes out punishment. To turn to God in prayer about life’s needs, then, would be to bother God, to misuse Him. But Jesus said, “God is spirit and they that worship him, must worship in spirit and in truth.” [John 4:24, RSV] God is the Life Principle, the Prospering Principle. Continued use of a principle in no way depletes the principle. Every time you work a problem in mathematics, you use the principle. How else can you find the answer? And yet, if every man, woman, and child in the world were to add two plus two at the same time, there would be not even the slightest depletion of the principle. All would easily arrive at the answer four. And, in the same way, there is no depletion of God through our practice of his Presence or demonstration of his Law.

What we are teaching is that God is Spirit, even as Jesus taught God is Spirit. And we are trying to understand and to demonstrate the Workable Law of Spirit, as Jesus understood and worked with Workable Law. We are trying to teach, as Jesus taught, that “All things are possible to him that believes.” [Mark 9:23, RSV] “All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” [Mark 11:24, ASV] That was Jesus’ insight. And that’s what we call, “The New Insight in Truth.”

© Eric Butterworth